Committed to women's vibrant health.

I am committed to you feeling your best, no matter what age. Your hormonal health can be optimized to have you feel sexy, thriving, vibrant, peaceful, pain- and symptom-free.

Once you learn how, you will be able to let go of medications you have been on. As a holistic gynaecologist, I have used homeopathy, herbs, supplement, and functional medicine in my practice to assist women to thrive, sleep better, reduce menopause symptoms, migraines, PMS etc.

If you are not feeling yourself, you are in the right place. The hormonal system is complex but beautiful and always showing us what we need to tweak so that we can feel our best. I have partnered with tens of thousands of women on their journey back to balanced thriving health.



Like you, I'm a busy woman. I'm here to help you with your hormones.

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As a doctor, I treat the whole body so you can feel better without taking another pill.

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It’s rare to find a gynaecologist that supports you with natural remedies and homeopathy.
We used homeopathic remedies during labour which assisted me to have beautiful natural births and remedies to assist me to recover faster.
— Patrissa


What are hormones? Why are they so important? Why are so many women struggling with hormonal imbalance today?

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