Hormone Harmony 1:1 Signature Program

Are you tired of feeling tired?
Are you tired of dealing with acne and not feeling great?
Perhaps you are fed up of carrying around the extra weight that just won't shed?
Do you have stubborn belly fat?
Are your PMS symptoms really bad or even struggling with the grips of PMDD?
Are you struggling with hot flashes and other menopause symptoms?

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with fibroids, cysts, endometriosis. You may experience migraines, low libido, facial hair growth, swollen belly, weight gain, foggy brain, nausea, low mood, edema and so many other symptoms that keep women captive in hormonal imbalance.

Or you may want to optimise your hormones and health to boost your fertility.

You're here, so I know that you're tired of living this way and you may have a sneaky suspicion that you don't need to be living this way anymore.

You've come to the right place.

I have helped thousands of women every year find relief from unnecessary perimenopause and menopause symptoms. So many of my patients thank me for helping them to feel like themselves again.

When I came to Dr. Sabine, I was taking medicine for an autoimmune thyroid condition, and wanted to get off of an antidepressant before trying to get pregnant. In our first consultation, Dr. Sabine identified the root cause of my depression and other fertility issues I’d been having.

For the first time in years, I felt hopeful and I felt like someone truly understood my problems and offered me a clear path to a solution. Even though she has a full practice, Dr. Sabine always made me feel well-supported, well-informed and her team when above and beyond the ordinary to help me put the prescribed protocol into practice.

After 3-months, I’m safely tapering off my antidepressant and the antibodies that identified my autoimmune thyroid condition are no longer present in blood tests, so I’m slowing tapering off those meds as well.

My mental clarity and focus has returned, I no longer have emotional outbursts or mood swings, I’ve lost weight (and so has my husband who has also followed the protocol from Dr. Sabine). I feel like myself again and I feel hopeful that I have the tools and the support to continue to heal and reach my health goals. Thank you Dr. Sabine!
— Tara A, Turkey

If you are ready to thrive again, to feel your energy come surging back, to get off your medication, to feel better than you have in years, join me.

This is an investment... an investment in yourself, in your health, in your life.

Now before we embark on any change, I want you to ask yourself, what has it cost you to keep going like this?

  • What has it cost you in your health?

  • In your relationship with your partner?

  • With your kids?

  • Are you thriving in your work... are you excelling?

  • Are you in a state of flow where everything is just coming to you?

  • Have you already spent money on tests that came back normal but you know something is wrong?

  • Are you on medications from other experts but still don't feel well?

  • You know that not feeling your normal thriving self is keeping you back in every area of your life.

So many of my patients felt this way before we worked together. Investing in yourself will impact every area of your life.

Hormone Harmony was the best financial investment I have made in myself!
I was struggling with hot flashes, disturbed sleep, bloated belly for 6 years, as well as hair loss & constipation for 30 years.
A month into the program, I rarely had constipation, the bloating was already 50% less.
Liver detox was the best experience ever, though initially challenging so beneficial on my path to becoming symptom free. Hot flashes, sleep issues and bloating all gone! My biggest breakthrough was my hair. After 2 months, new hair started growing! I was under medical treatment for decades with toxic chemicals. Thanks to the detox, new healthy strong hair started growing naturally.
Dr Sabine and her team were very supportive, extra caring and helpful making me feel super safe.
The best tip that Dr. Sabine insisted on was “Listen to your body. It sends you signals” I am so happy that I have learned what my body needs, how to take care of it and protect my health for decades to come.
— Anna Vasdeki, Athens


This is a personalised program where I work with you over a 3 month period on your specific hormone imbalance.

I optimise your whole hormone system by regulating HPA Axis, Gut, Liver, Pancreas with a dense nutrient approach to eating, boosting you with supplements to enhance hormone production and supplementing with natural bio-idenciale hormones that are completely safe giving you the boost you require. Suffering through symptoms is not necessary.

Week 1: Gut Health, Elimination Diet, Food Triggers, symptoms

Week 2: Call with Dr Sabine, monitoring symptoms.

Week 3: Addressing Sleep and Exercise

Week 4: Call with Dr Sabine-Feedback, Food.

Week 5: HPA Axis - The Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis and regulating stress hormones is vital to hormone production.

Week 6: Testing. You go for a full test panel so we can monitor and check results.

Week 7: Test results review!

Week 8: Supplementation-vitamins, herbs and bio-identacle hormones. You will get exactly what your body requires to regulate.

Week 9: Monitoring progress call

Week 10: Femininity: Close look at relationship with self. Addressing sensuality and sex drive.

Week 11: Monitoring diet, supplementation.

Week 12: Final Call with Dr Sabine.

What you get

  • Initial 30min Skype consult

  • 5 x 30min Skype sessions every two weeks

  • Email support between sessions

This is a tailor-made package to bring you to a place of Hormone Harmony.

hormone harmony feels.png
About a year ago I was diagnosed with recurrent symptomatic fibroids (I have had 2 prior surgical removals of fibroids before). I suffered from heavy periods with large blood clots (I was literally “flooding”), pelvic pain, intermittent urine loss and hot flashes and these symptoms really impacted my life. It was very embarrassing and sometimes I was in that much pain that I had to take time off work.
My gynecologist gave me a prescription to reduce heavy bleeding but I stopped taking it as I feared potentially serious side effects. She told me “there is nothing you can do to reduce your fibroids” and suggested partial hysterectomy – I didn’t like the idea. I was skeptical about it and wanted to explore other possibilities.
I was going through a hard time dealing with fibroids and then, luckily, I met Doctor Sabine, who was the only one believing that there is much I can do. She helped me to understand how to balance my hormones naturally - she recommended healthy lifestyle & diet changes and food supplements to support balanced hormones. I trusted her and had a good “gut feeling” about her immediately; 6 months later my quality of life and my mood has much improved since: I have lost some weight, the size of my abdomen went down, I have less cramping during my menstruation, the discomfort is almost gone, I don’t have problems with urine loss anymore and hot flashes have decreased in severity and quantity.
Dr. Wünschmann was also exceptional in explaining to me where my fibroids are in the uterus and why I have pain in my lower back. It truly was an eye-opening experience. I am so glad I have had the chance to work with her.
— Tamara MB, Slovenia

This is designed to not only shift your health but shift your life.

What will you do now that you have more energy, feel better about yourself, so you are sleeping better, eating better, feel more YOU again in your body, have better sex?

Here are what my patients are saying;

Thanks to Dr. Sabine, I finally was able to balance my hormonal mood swings. Her genuine and open-hearted conversation was as effective as her suggestions!
I highly recommend working with this truly gifted doctor who takes her profession as a calling rather then a job. We need more doctors like her!

— Katharina P, New York
I was struggling with uncomfortable hot flashes, insomnia, irregular periods, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss and was constantly on edge. Dr Sabine helped bring me back to myself! I no longer have to suffer from the above symptoms and feel happy and comfortable in my body again. I am so grateful to Dr Sabine.
— Kima W, Montreal, Canada
I was very frustrated because I never had a regular menstrual cycle. Working with Dr Sabine, we managed to regulate my cycle for the first time. It’s such a relief to know and feel the different parts of my cycle. Dr Sabine is not only a helpful doctor, but she understands me as a woman and a caring human being.
— Elpida K, Athens, Greece

Your investment for the program:
€2,500 €2,000 pay in full
or payment plan (2 x payments of €1,400 €1,150).

This is a 1:1 program that is personalised to your individual symptoms and hormonal condition.

Want to talk and find out of Hormone Harmony is right for you? Schedule a 15-minute call with me or one of my team to see if this is the right fit for you.

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