Your symptoms are not in your head

I can’t emphasize this enough!

I have so many patients tell me that no one understands them.


Their husbands look at them as if they are crazy.

Some people think they are just making excuses.

But I want to stop you right now and say this:

What you are feeling is real and valid.

The mood swings, the temper tantrums, the crying, the depression, the sadness, the impatience, the worry, the numbness, the forgetfulness, the inability to multitask, the feeling that there is more to life, the feeling of being stuck, the isolation.

I acknowledge it all.

We are intuitive creatures and we often take in so much of what is happening in the world.

Our bodies are processing at a really high level.

Women are supposed to just HAVE IT TOGETHER, be nice, be pretty, do the right thing, be there for everyone, have a smile, say the right thing, be polite, be caring, be the nurturer, be the caretaker, be the reminder, be the organiser, be quiet, be agreeable, be loving, be there for everyone.

And actually IT’S NOT LIKE THAT.

We are not designed to be that ALL MONTH LONG and all life long. Or even all day long.

We are women and our emotions should flow. All our emotions are welcome here.

In a woman’s menstrual cycle, there is a more internal phase the week before your menses, and in your life cycle from perimenopause/menopause, the focus needs to be on self! And if it's not, we get ratty and irritated and short tempered.

Focusing on your own needs, desires and dreams is important.

So this is why, in the cycle a week before your period, you can start saying, "I would love to, but I can’t this week."

In menopause, we have learned to be in our truth and decline activities we know we should not attend (otherwise they will make us mad and ratty)!

But I hear you - isn’t that selfish? To focus on yourself?

NO, it’s the most restorative thing you can do for you and EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE.

How can you practice to say more "no" to outside requests and more "yes" to you?