Why can't I just take a pill?

Some of my patients say to me, "why can’t I just sort out my hormones by taking a pill?"

Here’s the truth, you can take a pill.

It just won’t be the end of your hormonal imbalance.

Some of their menstrual symptoms would improve, but new symptoms would emerge like headaches, lack of libido, and more water retention.

I was trained in traditional gynaecology and honestly, I can now say, after 30 years of private practice and serving thousands of women, that just treating the symptoms is not a complete process. If you want to find relief, you must look at the root of the problem.

I have deep respect for the medical profession as a whole in saving lives and helping people heal, yet I encourage taking responsibility by making empowering lifestyle choices.

Your body is one of the most ingenious designs in the whole world. Highly complex, but ingenious.

Your body will tell you when you abuse it, don’t feed it, don’t sleep enough, etc.

The signs are there, we just choose not to listen because we are so outwardly focused on our "goal."

Or perhaps we are simply addicted to these bad lifestyle choices that our body can’t tolerate.

Our hormones, as I have explained before, are chemical messengers which can malfunction because of the many endocrine disruptors we are exposed to every day.

So if you are overloaded with toxicity by constantly eating foods that create inflammation, your system will shoot up a red flag by bringing a symptom of that internal stressor up to the surface.

For example, years of sugar and flour consumption will inflame your gut, may promote candida, make you feel bloated. You may have loose stool during menses due to disruption of the microbiome. You might experience menstrual migraines, painful breasts, and a sore neck before menses. And then on top of all that, you take the pill, which is made up of synthetic hormones that will add further stress affecting your entire nervous system.

So instead of relieving the stress, you have actually doubled the stress, flushing even more cortisol through your system.

To deal with all this, you have a glass of wine to calm down, which of course only compounds your issues. Your liver is now struggling to metabolize and process the toxicity of synthetic hormones and alcohol plus the foods that are causing your gut inflammation. You feel tired and depression kicks in, so you drink some caffeine to boost your energy and all of this is still not sorting out your problem, despite TAKING A PILL.

What your body is trying to say is “I need balance.”

I need to listen.

I need uncomplicated food.

Sabine hormone imbalance

I need to detox.

I need to deal with the emotions behind the food.

Then I can listen clearly to what needs to change in my life.

Perhaps I need to learn to sleep earlier.

Perhaps I need to say NO more to helping everyone.

Perhaps I need to get back to my passion project that I abandoned years ago.

Perhaps I need to express my emotions more.

Perhaps I need to go away and spend time with myself.

I need to exercise and help my lymph glands drain out toxicity.

So many things are going on for us in our lives, but if we are not listening and just stuffing our emotions down with food and alcohol, then I am sorry, no pill is going to help you.

We need to eliminate stress. Internal and external.

Thriving hormonal health actually gives you your best life because you are forced to simplify and eat for hunger, not for emotions, and be the healthiest version you have ever been. Be your best self.

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