What to expect during menopause

So many ladies ask me "What should I expect in menopause?"

I made this video for you because I don’t want you to fear this stage at all.

It’s a natural stage of being a woman. We were designed this way!

You might have the following symptoms

  • weight gain
  • belly fat
  • foggy brain
  • forgetfulness
  • hot flashes
  • depression
  • and more

This is a time that you should be focusing on YOU.

Focus on your health, on yourself, and on giving yourself the things that you always wanted.

As women we are natural givers, this is a time to up our self-care and self-love.

There are many natural remedies that can help you during menopause. Download my favorite herbal pharmacy recommendations here.

There is no reason to take synthetic hormones or antidepressants or diet pills. This will only make things worse.

If you want to be symptom-free, read up about my Hormone Harmony personal one-on-one program tailored around your symptoms to have you feeling your best. Take a look here.