This Daily Habit Could Be Costing Your Health!

I posted this earlier this week on social media and it got such a big response...

Is coffee creating issues for your hormonal health?


Listen, I know there's nothing nicer than that aroma of coffee brewing in the air. Its not only that caffeine is a stimulant raising cortisol and insulin (so actually making you more stressed and creating issues with your blood sugar), but the more important issue for us is that not all of us can actually metabolise coffee.

Caffeine is metabolised in the liver and according to research it is projected that only 10% of the population actually have the gene that can metabolise and eliminate coffee.

So you might be a slow metaboliser and this wreaks havoc on our system to not be able to excrete the Caffeine out of our system. Also, this gene CYP1A2 is also responsible for the elimination of estrogen in the liver. So if you're Estrogen dominant and experiencing PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and all the symptoms that go with these conditions, then giving up coffee will be a great idea.

The other thing is that coffee has been proven to increase breast and ovary cysts and depletes your body of important vital nutrients. Besides all the other symptoms of feeling wired, headache and migraine triggers, dehydration, gut issues...the list goes on.

I know it's a pain, so many patients are addicted to coffee and wonder if they will ever be able to give up this wonderful brew. I promise you can.

You can replace this habit with herbal teas and perhaps organic cocoa with coconut milk, so that when you go out for 'coffee' you can still hang out with your friends. If you're not struggling with adrenal issues (and most of us are), you can also enjoy some matcha tea; this will give you the same pick me up without all the issues that coffee brings to the table.

Ready to give up coffee?

If you need some help with this and getting your hormone health back on track, check out my Hormone Harmony program here.